Website Creation

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Website Creation

Website Creation

It is a given now that every business needs an online presence. Sometimes all that is needed is a Facebook page or other social media presence. And if you need help with that please take a look at our Social Media options. But many places need a bit more to get their story, services and products out there. When you think about website creation you really have four options each with their positives & negatives and it really depends on what you truly need and are trying to accomplish.

Free website creator - Most of the major web hosts have free software which will let you create a free one page website. This can work for some basic businesses, but you are pretty limited to how much you can change and how much you can add to your page.

Do it in house – This is always an option, but if design and development are not within the realm of your business you should really go to an expert. Website creation and development is a specialty much like accounting. electrical work or other professions. Sure you could do it on your own, but it would be faster and of higher quality if you hire a professional.

Hire someone to create a template based website with minor customization РThis is one of GPS Digital Marketing specialties. We have enough experience to create an in depth website for you that while not being custom will still provide you with the ability to tell your story, present your services and give you a unique look and style. The biggest benefit is that by using a templated system you can save thousands of dollars in design and development costs.

Hire someone to create a full customized website – Sometimes you want a look and feel that can only come with a truly custom website or maybe some of your services are digital and the only way to offer all of your services is with a highly developed website. In such a case you do need a full service design and development company and we have teamed up with Rainy Day Media to help provide these services.


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